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6 easy summertime tasks for college planning

by Jennifer Taylor on June 13, 2017 in College Planning

Summer is the perfect time for students to focus their attention on updating their records for the purpose of college planning.


1.  Create a college planning folder (hardcopy and digital) to keep track of academic awards, activities, clubs, or community achievements.


2. Start recording or updating your student credentials from the past school year.


3.  Make note of publications and periodicals you read that relate to your college major.


4.  Highlight specific articles related to your academic interests that appeal to you and why.


5.  Make note of specific responsibilities executed while on the job, in a volunteer activity or in a leadership position.


6.  Recount in a journal with details and specifics any life experience that impacted you this past school year.


This information will come in handy for filling out your college application or when creating your high school resume.


Jennifer Taylor is the Essay and Editorial Director at Partners For Achievement. Read more about Taylor and the rest of the Partners For Achievement team.




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