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15-minute Phone ConsultBook a 15-minute time slot
to speak with an advisor.

Phone: 630.730.8825   Login
3 Steps to College Planning & Career Success

Enroll in a seamless college-to-career program designed to guide your family every step of the way


College Planning: Admissions & Applications


Do you know where and when to begin when it comes to college planning?

Should your child take AP or honors classes?

How can your child decide what majors might be of interest?

What schools are a good fit – academically, socially and financially?


Partners For Achievement experts can guide you every step of the way.


  • Build a strong college list
  • Assess potential major and career options
  • Strengthen high school resumes
  • Write compelling college application essays
  • Raise ACT and SAT scores
  • Improve odds of acceptance into highly selective schools
  • Provide hands-on guidance during the application process
  • Manage timelines to ensure all deadlines are met


For more information, schedule a consultation.


Paying For College: Financial Aid & Scholarships


How much will it really cost to send all your kids to college?

How do colleges determine how much financial aid you will receive?

Why do some colleges offer more merit aid than others?


The Partners For Achievement team is dedicated to helping families minimize out-of-pocket costs and pay for college in the most cost effective way.


  • Establish college budget parameters
  • Understand the financial aid process
  • Calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Explore strategies to lower your EFC
  • Maximize grants and find schools that will meet your need-based aid
  • Recommend schools that give the most generous merit aid packages
  • Complete the FAFSA, CSS Profile and any necessary school forms
  • Review the best student loan options
  • Provide financial aid appeal strategies
  • Identify attainable private scholarships


For more information, schedule a consultation.


Student Mentoring: College Transition & Career Readiness


Is your child prepared to handle life away from home for the first time?

How will they adjust to the challenge of a rigorous college curriculum?

If they need to change their major, how can they stay on track to graduate on time?

Will the school help them find internships?

What skills and experiences will your child need to have a job when they graduate?


Partners For Achievement career counselors guide our students through the transition from high school through college to prepare for academic success and the real world that awaits them.


  • Create a comprehensive four-year academic and career readiness plan
  • Help students set goals to manage time and prioritize responsibilities
  • Conduct assessments to match skills and interests with majors and careers
  • Identify strategies to help gain advice from academic, peer and career mentors
  • Enhance professional appeal by building strong resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Teach networking strategies to build relationships with alumni and industry professionals
  • Provide connections for informational interviews and job shadowing opportunities
  • Prepare for employment opportunities with application guidance and mock interviews
  • Identify target list of potential employers and assist with job searches


For more information, schedule a consultation.

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