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    3 Steps to College Planning & Career Success

    College Admissions Made Easier

    The pathway to college can often be overwhelming for parents and students.


    As families face rising tuition costs, an ultra-competitive admissions process, a confusing financial aid system and a challenging job market for graduates, proper planning has become more important than ever.


    That’s why Partners For Achievement created the 3 Steps to College Planning and Career Success program – a focused, comprehensive and customized plan designed to help your family achieve the best results every step of the way.



    Step 1
    Admissions & Applications
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    Step 2
    Financial Aid & Scholarships
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    Step 3
    College Transition & Career Readiness
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    upcoming Workshops

    Attend a free 20 Tips to College Planning & Career Success workshop and learn the strategies to: build a great school list and improve admissions potential; maximize merit money, financial aid and win scholarships; select a major, graduate on time and land a great job.

    Upcoming Workshops

    • 20 Tips To College Planning & Career Success

      A 60-minute workshop designed to educate families about the best practices and key deadlines of the college planning process by covering topics including college admissions, paying for college, college transition, professional development and career planning. Free and open to the public.

    • College Major and Career Assessment

      This workshop provides an explanation of the tools used to analyze the student’s interests and aptitudes helping to identify potential college majors and career options. One-hour workshop. Open to all students. Parents are highly recommended to attend. Private workshops for PFA students and parents.

    • Resume Development

      Your resume is a high-def snapshot of you. It’s a powerful tool for applications, college visits, internships and more. We will help you craft a great one. Students will have a well-developed first draft of a resume at the end of the workshop. Two-hour workshop. Open to high school students only. Private workshops for PFA students and parents.

    • Essay Writing

      Your college essays can get you into your top school and earn scholarship money. Work with our essay specialists and learn how to choose a topic, organize your thoughts and write a compelling essay. Private workshops for PFA students and parents.


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