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    Partners For Achievement is dedicated to helping all students achieve their potential.


    This optimistic mindset reflects how PFA staff interacts with students, parents and each other and is an encouraging core value that all of our partners must share.


    This approach defines the knowledge, tools and curriculum that PFA has created to guide families through our program and help them make well-informed decisions.


    Everyone – students, parents, and PFA staff – must take responsibility for clearly defining goals, creating a plan and taking action to achieve successful results.


    Partners For Achievement (PFA) was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and Northwestern University alumnus Kevin Krebs, who discovered a vacuum in finding reliable guidance in a rapidly growing, but highly fragmented, college planning industry. He noticed that countless families have been left frustrated by independent education consultants and small businesses with limited resources or by education technology solutions that leave them with overwhelming amounts of information and no customer service.


    Krebs decided to solve this problem by creating the 3 Steps to College Planning and Career Success — an innovative program that combines industry expertise, proprietary technology tools and a proven curriculum of best practices designed to help families successfully navigate the college planning and career readiness process.


    To best serve each family’s unique needs, PFA takes a customized approach to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Since its inception, the company has helped hundreds of students from throughout the Chicago area and Midwest gain admittance to their top-choice colleges, maximize their financial aid grants and merit aid packages, find private scholarships and land internships with companies in their respective fields of study.

    Every family’s situation is unique. Our goal is to listen to each family and determine how we can help them. – Kevin Krebs, PFA founder

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