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College Planning Blog
Category: Building a College List

How to Choose Likely, Target and Reach Schools

Written by Kevin Krebs on June 13, 2018

High school students often enter into the process of searching for a likely, target or reach college with unrealistic expectations, both positively and negatively.   Recently, I met with a Partners For Achievement student who had 20 schools on her list, all of which were the most selective in the nation, including Ivy Leagues, the […]

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How to Narrow Your College List

Written by Kevin Krebs on July 26, 2017

As you enter your junior year in high school, your college list likely will be unfocused and way too large. Most students wind up applying to six to eight schools, and narrowing your list to that range takes self-reflection. You have to be honest in assessing the type of person you are and what you […]

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