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    College Planning Blog
    Category: College Planning

    Rethink How You Rate College Rankings

    Written by Kevin Krebs on November 9, 2018

    College rankings are fun to talk about, but families shouldn’t view them as the be-all and end-all when they’re building a list of prospective colleges. The reality is that these rankings are subjective. From U.S. News & World Report to The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times, every source uses different data points […]

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    Play it S.A.F.E. with College Planning

    Written by Kevin Krebs on May 11, 2018

    When Partners For Achievement was founded in 2012 and I delved into statistics regarding how successful kids are at making their college planning choices, I was appalled. Consider these nuggets of information: What to do? At PFA, we created a college planning process to help students think through building their college lists in a more […]

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    6 Timely Tips to Help Pay for College

    Written by Kevin Krebs on February 14, 2018

    The escalating price of paying for college has hit everyone, regardless of income. Many colleges cost triple or even quadruple what they did in the 1980s.   Further complicating matters is that many families have no idea how schools set their pricing. Consider that two-thirds of students don’t actually pay the sticker, or full price. […]

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    Need a High School Resume? Here are 8 Reasons Why

    Written by Kevin Krebs on January 23, 2018

    Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted high school resume. Not only is your high school resume a key part of the college application process, but it also serves as one of the first building blocks of your career. Although putting together your first resume takes time and effort, the payoff is worthwhile. Here are […]

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    Summer Programs Benefit College-Bound Students

    Written by Kevin Krebs on January 10, 2018

    Whether you’re a freshman or senior in high school, you’ll benefit from summer programs or other life experiences that enrich your interests. It’s an ideal way to home in on a potential college major or simply to further develop a particular skill set.   The options are seemingly limitless.   Many universities in the Midwest […]

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    11 Essential Tips for Hitting the College Fairs

    Written by Will Wagner on September 14, 2017

      College fairs can be a great resource to help evaluate your school options. Here are 11 Essential College Fair Tips from Partners For Achievement.   Find out which colleges will be at the college fair and make a list of the schools you are interested in. Make a list of questions beforehand. Fill out […]

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    6 easy summertime tasks for college planning

    Written by Will Wagner on June 13, 2017

    Summer is the perfect time for students to focus their attention on updating their records for the purpose of college planning.   1.  Create a college planning folder (hardcopy and digital) to keep track of academic awards, activities, clubs, or community achievements.   2. Start recording or updating your student credentials from the past school year. […]

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    College planning: What freshmen and sophomores can do this summer

    Written by Kevin Krebs on

    The biggest advantage to starting your college planning as a freshman or sophomore is that it alleviates stress. There will be 1,000 things on your college to-do list. Spreading them over four years, as opposed to cramming them into one or two, will make all the difference.   Summer is the perfect time to dig […]

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    PFA Founder Talks College Planning on Podcast

    Written by Will Wagner on May 26, 2017

    When should I start thinking about college planning? Can I rely on our high school counselor to help with college admissions? Should my student take the SAT or ACT? Applying to college is not like what it used to be when I applied; I’m worried about adding pressure on my child.   These are just […]

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    Requesting Recommendation Letters for College

    Written by Will Wagner on May 24, 2017

    High school juniors winding down from what is traditionally considered one of the most academically challenging years should shift their focus before the end of the school year to which teachers could provide positive recommendation letters for college applications.   When applying to colleges, commonly two recommendation letters are required. On many applications, a letter […]

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